The Town of Newcastle

The Town of Newcastle is made of very unique people who come from various backgrounds, religion and cultural differences. The Town atmosphere is very laid back, relaxing and vary throughout the town. The Town as a mixture a people who have relocated from the City of Toronto and surrounding areas seeking much peace and quiet. Further history of the Town of Newcastle can be found here “The Friends of Presquile”

The Newcastle & District Chamber Of Commerce the website can be reached here Amazing Fact about Newcastle in 1961the population was 1272! Also over at Astoria Magazine a very detailed account of major events in Newcastle can be seen here

The Kaitlin Group have also opened a new Luxury Resort Condominum called “Villa Del Mar” in the Turks and Caicos Islands see it here: 

 Newcastle is growing steadily and their are some unique shops in the Town. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise a family. If you are into enjoying the benefits have farm fresh produce then this town is certainly for you.

Frostines Edibles

Frostines Edibles

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