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Living in Durham is about me, you and the world. It is about the places, things, people and happenings that are taking place and helping to shape our lives everyday. This Blog is a compilation of interesting places to visit within the community as well as other places and things happening around the world. Welcome to Living in Durham I am happy to have you here and please feel free to link to our page as well as share our site with all your friends and family. Please have a wonderful stay!!

I believe we are here for such a short time and that even if life gets tough sometimes we have to try and get over the stumbling blocks as much and as fast as we can even when others try to stop us from doing what we were meant to do. They are not God—You are in charge of your live and God even more so, not them. They don’t write the movie script to your life you do, so get on with living and enjoy every minute of it.

You can see my company here http://www.frostinesedibles.com  Frostines Edibles a Peanut and Nut free Company specializing in Gourmet cookies that can be shipped to both the U.S. & Canada. or check out my other Blog at http://www.boostershotsforliving.blogspot.com  Booster Shots for living is a place for me to ground myself with messages of faith, love, devotion, compassion and all spoken words that is beautiful. When life challenges us to look deeper and deeper within ourselves we are forced to face the truth about others but most important about ourselves. I believe that one sentence out of man’s mouth can cause irreparable damage to ones self-esteem, likewise a kind word can act as medicine for the soul. So journey with me and read through some of my articles as I feed my soul and hopefully yours with messages of hope and love. Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay.


Frostines Edibles Canada’s Nut Free Cookie Company

Butterscotch Ripple

Butterscotch Ripple

Frostines Edibles Canada’s Peanut and nut free company http://www.frostinesedibles.com  offers to you some of the best tasting cookies around I should know– I have made hundreds of these and customers reactions are always the same. “There delicious!” I always say thank you followed by a big smile, because I know that I just made them feel very happy. I want people to feel happy when they eat our cookies I want people to feel like they couldn’t do without having these sumptous cookies everyday with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. 

We offer a variety of cookie packages along with single flavour cookies and mixed flavour cookies. Our shopping cart is easy to use and all our shipping is done through Canada Post. You will be notified immediately once we start processing your order and once we ship it out to you or your recipient.

Please visit us online here: http://www.frostinesedibles.com we ship both to the U.S.A. & Canada.