Broccoli Pea and Basil Soup Great for Adults and Kids

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In September 2015,  I purchased this book based on the recipes not based on the two girls who wrote the book. I just happen to walk into the Port Hope Book store and was trying to figure out which book to get at the time. I have never heard about these two girls who are quite popular on the internet. You can visit their website by clicking on this link Hemsley and Hemsley.

Anyway, the first recipe I tried from their book was their “Prawn Laksa”—A curry rich dish with Malaysian Spices and Coconut. I substituted the Prawns for “Tiger Shrimp and used different spices and herbs.”

I just tried their

Broccoli  Pea and Basil Soup

today both my Kids loved it! I do too. However, has always I added my own spices and herbs. Considering how hot it is today, in the morning through to say 4 PM today the temperature hit a high of 32 degrees. On a day like this, I really don’t want to be eating anything too heavy nor does my kids. Just something light because they are usually drinking constantly when it’s this hot.

Anyway, I did not plan to take any images of what I prepared until, I was about to eat and the rain started pouring, I said to myself why not just take a few picks and post it on Facebook. Then as I started writing, I realized it would be of great disservice to just put a picture of the Soup and not put the recipe as well.

There are other women on the internet who have purchased the same book and have tried the recipe and have their version of what they do. You can Google “Broccoli Pea and Basil Soup” and a bunch of bloggers have some version of the recipe that they created from this book.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way here is the Original recipe from Hemsley and Hemsley:


2 TBSP. Ghee
2 large onions, roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, diced
3 celery sticks, roughly chopped
A large pinch of dried oregano
80 g fresh basil (you’ll need the stalks chopped, reserve the leaves)
3 1/3 broccoli-Sliced the stalks and roughly chop the florets
6 Cups l bone broth (page 300) or Vegetable Stock
18 ozs  frozen peas
juice of 1/2 lemon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  or Flaxseed Oil, to serve
a little Parmesan
Sea Salt and Black pepper
Here is my version of the recipe. There were quite a few ingredients that were substituted based on what I had in my pantry and my own personal taste and that of my children.



2 tbsp Coconut Oil

No Onions) I replaced the Onions with 6 stalks of fresh Shallots  &  approximately 4 0zs of Fresh Ginger.
1/2 of a Bulb of garlic cloves, approximately 6-8 pieces
8 celery sticks, roughly chopped
No Oregano ( I replaced the Oregano with 1 TBSP of Herbes De Provence and 1TBSP of dried Italian Herbs—You can find these items at your local grocery store or you probably have these in your pantry)
1 Medium Pack fresh basil, chopped except the stems
1 Large frozen Packet of broccoli
(No Bone Broth) Just plain water
18 ozs  frozen peas
(No Lemon Juice)
No Extra Virgin Olive Oil-(Grapeseed Oil)
(No Parmesan Cheese)

Pink Himalayan Coarse Sea Salt and Black pepper


Be Organized by chopping all your fresh vegetables and herbs that you wish to add to the pan for cooking. I chopped my Celery, Shallots, Garlic and Fresh Ginger and had these items ready, chopped and in a bowl.

Heat the Coconut oil in a Large Saucepan without the lid on low heat.
Now add all this to the pan. Then in about 4 mins I added the dry herbs. I let this cook for another 2 mins. Then I added the frozen Broccoli and frozen peas.

Hemsley and Hemsley suggested cooking this for another 10-15 mins but I only cooked the vegetables for another 7 mins.  I added 31/2 Cups of water. I also added the salt and black pepper to taste. NOTE: I don’t like cooking with too much salt or baking with too much salt. Majority of the time it’s not necessary because the Seasoning you purchase often times have added salt that you don’t need.)

I remove the Pan from the heat and let it cool down for another 30-40 mins. I wasn’t in a rush plus, during that waiting time I had something else I was doing.

Once it is cooled down, I then blend the cooked vegetables in my Blender it worked just fine. If you have a Food Processor and you want to use it that’s your prerogative. If you feel like splurging on a Food Processor then go ahead and splurge! It’s not necessary though. If you have a hand-held blender you can use it. I have a hand held blender but I don’t use it often and so it was packed away. I didn’t want to go search for it—It was not necessary to do that. The Blender was just fine. I do agree though that the “Hand-Held Blender” would have speedy up the Puree process just a bit faster.

Once the soup is pureed I added this one last ingredient for a bit of creaminess and richness. I Just added 1/4 Cup of Evaporated Milk. Stir to blend the milk and it was ready.

By the way, if you wish you can reserve some of that “Cooked Broccoli and Pea” to use as Decoration for your Soup. Which is what I did.

My Son who is 11 Years Old told me it was Delicious. It was in fact very tasty. I love this recipe because it did not use too many ingredients. I will make this again, wonderful recipe.
It is great recipe for anytime of the year. Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring anytime really. Served warm or cold.


Let me just say that it is very challenging as a parent when you are preparing meals. I am not talking about the quantity of meals but the fact that you have to be creative all the time and try to come up with “Budget Friendly Recipes that are Healthy but taste good too.” It is definately a learning process. I am always learning something new each day. I am no “Professional Chef” but I try to find ways to cook more healthy meals each day. Tough Job, but somebody’s gotta do it, if not me then who? I could see many people adding different variations to this dish. I could see people adding butternut squash or adding coconut milk or fresh grated carrots. You add what you like and enjoy. Great recipe for those with picky eaters—like toddlers who don’t like certain soups this one is great for kids.

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