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An extensive line of 100+ essential oils and Oil blends.

If finding something special and unique is what you have been searching for then please let me introduce you to Joie De Vivre (pronounced Joe de vive)
Diane Docherty-Roy is the proud owner and Aromatherapist of this Unique Shop In Historic Downtown Port Hope. Situated at 45 Walton Street, this French-Style and very trendy Shop boasts an array of Handmade Products many of which are made by the owner. Originally from the City of Montreal Diane started on her journey as a trained Aromatherapist some thirty years ago (30 years). Having become a Licensed Aromatherapist she opened her first shop in Montreal. After several years, life happened and her children came along. Including a son who just recently graduated from University.



Life eventually lead Diane to the town of Port Hope and after raising her young children who are all grown adults now. She decided to enter the Retail Market again by opening up Joie De Vivre just short of five years ago. It is obvious that Diane is not only an expert at what she does but she is also very passionate about her business.

“This trendy, hip and very sophisticated French-Style Aromatherapy, Bath and Body shop harmoniously blends color, quality, and one of a kind products with a touch of elegance and panache to it’s line of Bath and Body products.”

There is a vast array of products to find here including Lavender that is custom packed by the Owner seen below.

Joie De Vivre is 100% Canadian


Lavender Products Packaged by Diane comes at an affordable price.

Modern, Sophisticated and with a high degree of style the Joie De Vivre shop is Charming, and a delight to explore especially when looking for something unique.

Reminiscence of Paris France

Joie de Vivre  allows you a Parisian lifestyle right in your own neighbourhood.


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At Joie De Vivre, presentation remains of utmost importance. As well as, the quality and the wide array of products prominently displayed on the shelves.” Lovingly packaged by Diane.


Bath Bombs


Herbal Ointments


This attention with an eye for detail even in the simplest and most straight-forward products. Shows a respect for the many unique products and for the patrons who graces her shop daily.
I believe this is in part due to her highly developed sense of artistic expression. Diane knows her industry and the knowledge of the best products for today’s consumers is what makes her shop exciting to visit time and time again.


Here are some of the products you can find on a regular basis at her very trendy shop:

Soy Candles
Tea Candles
Goat Milk & Olive Oil Soap
Bath Bombs $4.50-18.95
Bath Salts
Over 100+ Essential Oils in stock and Diane will be happy to customize an Essential Oil for you based on your preferences.



Handmade Soaps in many Flavours


Diane also offers a line of Products called Veeva Products

“These products are meant to help relieve anxiety and stress.”

The product line also includes a line of roll on oils for both men and women to reduce stress and relieve your anxiety.


Joie de Vivre also carries an extensive line of Jewellery


Joie de Vivre Facebook page can be seen here:


Diane can be reached at her Shop by calling: 905-800-0998


Joie De Vivre invites you to the Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale

Summer Sidewalk Sale!!!


Friday, 15 July 2016 | 10:00 am – Saturday, 16 July 2016

Summer Sidewalk Sale, merchants display their goods in downtown Port Hope, great bargains, family activities, entertainment for all——-

10:00am until 6:00pm both days.