A Short and Sweet Spring |May Month Highlights


St.Joseph’s Catholic Church The  Annual Knights of Columbus Yard Sale
May 28, 2016-Saturday

Alice Choo-Shee-Nam-Living in Durham Community blog.


Hot Dogs and Hamburgers were on Sale along with Bake Treats from the ladies of the Knights of Columbus.



At 2:30 just before closing a few people still mingling around enjoying this Sunny and warm day.


Things were whining down at 2:30 pm in the afternoon. Closing time was 3PM. I went when most of the hot deals were gone, but I was still happy with what I found.




What did I find at the Yard Sale?

I always keep my eyes out for a good bargain. I purchased both books seen below for $1.00 each. I was very delighted with my purchase, thank you very much. Yes, I do love a great bargain.



MAY 31, 2016

My Daughter’s 17th Birthday


May is always such a busy month for me. It might very well be a very busy time for you too. My daughter’s birthday falls on a Tuesday this year—Right smack at the beginning of the week and I really wanted to make her day bright and special. I decided to make her a Cake and I am happy I did because she felt so happy about it. She picked her cake flavours. She wanted two flavours: Orange and Triple Berry. I wish I had more time to make her cake though but I am grateful for the time I had to create it anyway.


The Base cake Flavour is A Triple Berry Cake with Meringue Buttercream and the smaller cake on top her favourite flavour the Orange Cake. Pink Ruffle Buttercream adorn the Orange Flavour cake with Meringue Buttercream as well as Rolled Fondant. My Daughter signed off on the Cake Design. After all I have to treat her like a Customer—It’s her Cake not mine.

Assembling of this Two-Layered Birthday Cake.


I love making decorative cakes, example Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes. I haven’t made a “Decorative Cake” in over five years (5yrs+). After my Bakery Closed life got so busy and hectic for me. Having to move a Couple times in those few short years and dealing with the other life issues, life have been really busy to say the least.

At a later date, I will post the recipe for this cake, but for now here is my Daughter’s Birthday Cake.

Happy 17th Birthday to my wonderful daughter, my Spring Baby!  No, matter how old she gets, she will always be my baby.