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At-Home Birthday Party Themes

Birthday Fun with Balloons

Our trendspotting team of moms has noticed that the once common-place at-home birthday party has gone the way of the dodo bird and we’re hearing kids clamouring to bring it back. Don’t fret. Thanks to submissions from our very savvy readers, we have some great ideas. They’re sure to keep the troops happy and smiling so you can relax and look like the savvy mom that you are.

From Carol McNutt, Owen Sound – Walk Like an Egyptian Party
Do up the invitations on parchment paper, inviting the kids to Pharoah [insert your child’s name]’s Pyramid. Play themed games (for fun ideas, click here) and wrap the children up in white toilet paper or crepe paper to make them into mummies. For the loot bag, a copy of ‘Mummies in the Morning’ Magic Treehouse book, some gold-wrapped chocolate coins and a bookmark with their name written in hieroglyphics (with some help from websites like this one).

From Jordie Barker, Toronto – Celebrate Spring Party
For springtime birthday parties, tell the guests to come ready for planting. Gather all the children outside or in the garage to paint flowerpots before playing some outdoor games. Afterwards (when the paint has had time to dry), plant some seeds or a small plant in the pots for each child to take home and grow. Flower-decorated cupcakes or digging through vanilla ice cream covered with mud (aka Oreo cookie crumbs) for gummy worms make a great dessert.

From Becky Whitten, Orangeville – A Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Story
Take the plastic swimming pool from the garage, put a board over it and bingo, walk the plank. Make a treasure map and send the children on their way—indoor or outdoor—to find the treasure (aka the loot bags, golden coins work well here too). Invite the boys to dress as pirates and the girls as pretty damsels, and the birthday child as Peter Pan, Captain Hook or Tinkerbell. The cake? Make it the clock the alligator ate.

From Jolie Armstrong, Toronto – A Miniature Party
Small on décor but large on fun, have a mini party where everything is small. Serve drinks in 1 ounce shot glasses, mini cupcakes and mini sandwiches complete the feast. Make party hats from coned cups (the water cooler kind) and streamers from string and paper punched circles.

From Kathleen Chin, Etobicoke – A Super Superhero Party
Invite your guests to come as their favourite superhero—everyone loves to dress up. Set up a series of games such as egg toss, water balloon toss, pin the tail on the donkey and statue, telling the kids they are games to demonstrate their superhero powers. Give prizes from the dollar store so everyone wins. Add in a themed cake with the birthday child’s favourite superhero. Make sure you have help—ask other moms or local babysitters in your neighbourhood to help with each super-station.

From Karen Vermeeren, Calgary – Almost a Sleepover Party
For the ‘too young for a sleepover’ set, invite the children to come over (in their pyjamas) from 5 – 8 pm with their pillows, sleeping bags, and stuffed animals. Have pizza, popcorn and watch a movie in the dark (give every kid a dollar-store flashlight). Play freeze dance with some fun pop music (I Like to Move It from Madagascar is a fave). Best part—you won’t be up all night!

So stay home and party. It might be a bit messier but there’s no better way to add character to your home than hosting a children’s birthday party.

Our parents did it all the time. Surely we can too.