Savouries-Marketplace for Artisan Food Producers







We celebrate independent, artisan food producers who offer alternatives to mass-produced foods.

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Savouries celebrate independent, small-scale, artisan food producers in Canada.

Our mission is to support these producers by making their products more accessible for everyone. We want to help them connect with customers and grow their business. Rather than having a small number of large food companies, we believe there should be a large number of small food companies.

In a time when many people feel increasingly distant from the means of production of what they eat, artisan foods carry inherent values by granting people an opportunity to know where their food comes from, to see the hands that made it and to understand how it is made.

Why support small food artisans?

  • Local & Seasonal Eating — Many artisans source their ingredients from nearby farms or grow their own, making a concerted effort to only use what’s available and in season to create a high quality, fresh-tasting product. You can savour these regional specialties and unique flavours.
  • Homemade/Authentic — Artisan foods give consumers sustenance with a story featuring products that are more authentic and less conventional. It’s as much about nostalgia as it is about security in knowing that you are feeding your families quality cuisine.
  • Flavour Adventure — Modern day artisans specialize and innovate on the traditional, producing savoury and exotic ice creams or unusual types of jams and condiments to enliven and entice your palate.
  • Consumer Engagement — Like modern street food vendors, artisans make process part of their product, offering consumers a window into the traditions of the past.
  • Going Green — The current wave of artisan foodmakers is making the environment a priority, employing business strategies that minimize waste and negative impact on the earth. Reusable containers, compostable packaging and other eco-friendly practices allow you to be socially responsible while also enjoying an excellent product.