Learn to love yourself in seven weeks | Sympatico / MSN Lifestyle

“Loving yourself means putting yourself at the top of the priority list,” says Toronto-based life coach, Ellen Goldhar. “But most women are accustomed to doing the opposite.” With the help of a life coach, or on your own, consider the following tips (one week at a time) and watch how much better you feel the next time you catch your reflection.

Week One —Focus on positive self-talk

Most of us make an effort to speak kindly to colleagues and friends while paying little regard to how we talk to and about ourselves. Have you ever noticed how unrelenting that little voice inside your head can be? “Even when it seems we’re sitting in silence, our brains are receiving messages,” explains Goldhar. “Start paying attention to those messages. Are they providing you with confidence or chipping away at your self-esteem?” Though there is no on/off switch for that voice, you can free yourself from its harm.  Continue reading at link below…..

Learn to love yourself in seven weeks | Sympatico / MSN Lifestyle