Mogul Mom


Heather McCarron Allard is a mother of three children, Hope, Grace & Brendan, creator of Mogul Mom

After Grace was born in 2003, her sleep troubles & strong startle reflex inspired her to invent Swaddleaze, a wearable swaddling blanket & sleep sack in one, and Blankeaze, the first wearable blanket with leg openings for “active sleepers” like Grace.

In 2004, she decided to bring her inventions to market & founded 2 Virtues Inc., named after her daughters. She began the arduous journey of the mom entrepreneur and thankfully, met with success.

By 2006, her products were sold in 200+ stores in the United States & abroad, including catalog giant, One Step Ahead, and received favorable press in national magazines like Pregnancy, New Parent & Consumer Reports. Swaddleaze was even on Access Hollywood in the re-creation of Suri Cruise’s nursery!

Then, when third child &  first son was born in 2006  everything changed. Her son had multiple health issues like RSV, chronic ear infections & severe food allergies, and he required (and deserved) her full attention. she could no longer run a growing company &  a raise a growing family.

In 2007, Heather sold 2 Virtues to Summer Infant, a baby products company in her homestate of Rhode Island so she could give her children 100% of her time.

Throughout her entrepreneurial odyssey, she received countless emails from other “mompreneurs”, asking her for business advice. These emails continued even after selling 2 Virtues and she decided to start The Mogul Mom blog as a more effective way to offer coaching, camaraderie, ideas, information, resources & recommendations to entrepreneurial moms everywhere.