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Savvy Mom

So okay, maybe you already know about Savvy Mom and you are already enjoying the great articles they already write and the resources they offer. For those who don’t and like reading and getting new information that helps you to live a more productive life then head on over to

Wrap N’ Pack Pizza Pouches

Wrap and Pack Pizza Pouches

Wrap and Pack Pizza Pouches

Get the Recipe here:


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  1. Christina · October 22, 2008

    Dear Living In Durham,

    Thank you so much for mentioning and for all your wonderful comments. They were greatly appreciated!

    If you’d like to get some local info from other moms or post your expertise, please feel free to join Bear in mind, it’s not a forum, or chatroom or blog; it’s just place to share info about venues and services with other local moms in your region.

    Again, thank you!



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