Elance http://www.elance.com is an online workplace where businesses connect with qualified professionals to get work done. That is Elance’s definition and they said it right. So, maybe you already know about this site good for you, but for those who don’t I have known about Elance for years since the beginning of the Dot come era so to speak when Elance made its launch in 1999 Just a little before the Bubble burst when Dot com companies started failing. However, Elance bubble didn’t burst though because they offered such a unique service they managed to stay alive.

I have used Elance to find my first Graphic Design company who helped me create a logo for a Company I wanted to start. The company was http://www.graphixstation.com in the Ashburn Virginia. The companies owner is Mary Adkins great company.

Anyway, if you really have any skill pertaining to say writing Web Content, Graphic Design, Programmer, Website Designer, Writer of Newsletters, Business Plans etc. Head over to Elance sign up and start offering your service but there is some work involved you have to bid on the projects available so you still have to work 🙂 If your like me and you are just looking to get someone to do a project for you then sign up list your project and let others bid on your work.