Pavilion of Women (14+) 2000

If you have never seen this movie I strongly suggest you watch it. Its a moving tale about An unhappily married aristocrat man who falls for an American missionary when they meet in 1938 China. Adaptation of the Pearl S. Buck novel stars Willem Dafoe, Luo Yan, Shek Sau, John Cho and Yi Ding.

I have seen this movie before but didn’t get to note the name so this morning the movie was on Bravo T.V and on both occasions I have cried, actually wept. An extraordinary movie about love, culture, faith, war, survival, friendship and sacrifice. This show really shows how humans–can come this world as sweet cuddly baby’s and then eventually turn out to be hateful to one another. Compassion is needed in this world there is enough hate already. The question we need to ask ourselves is “Why can’t we be kind to one another even to our own race, family or friends?”

Please take the time and rent this movie and watch it with friends or family and relish in the message it teaches you. I promise if you watch this movie and you once feel the need to chastise another human being you won’t ever do it again. Spread peace where ever you go today and as you watch the end of the movie look and listen to message you are given and pass it on your children or nephew or friends and family.