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I always try to find information that could better serve me and my family especially because I have two children.  and because I am always on the lookout for better information and resources all the time. Maybe you already know about this website and that’s okay but for those who don’t this website is a great parenting website that offers a wealth of information see below some of the topics.

Big Kid
Baby Gifts
Baby Names
Pregnancy Calendar
Pregnancy Symptoms
Pregnancy Calculator
Pregnancy Stages
Pregnancy Week by Week
Also check out which offers valuable information on green living, products, services, food and lifestyle all from two experiences moms. Then head over to  a Canadian site that offers information, games and resources for a growing child as well homework based on green living.


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  1. Rebecca (Green Baby Guide) · October 1, 2008

    Thanks for mentioning the Green Baby Guide! Today I’m talking about why buying in bulk WON’T save money . . . and tomorrow Joy will offer her rebuttal in her “green stockpiling” post. Just one of the exciting things going on over on the GBG!


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