Melaluca-The Wellness company

I found out about this company  when a family member introduced the products to me. I was given some samples of children cough syrup called “CounterAct Cough, CounterAct Pain Reliever” These are some of the best cold medicines I have ever used for my children. Then I ended up purchasing some of the other products from the company representative. The “Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant also  Eco-Friendly  the “Tough & Tender Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner cleans great. Okay one of the best, best products I believe they have is called the “PreSpot Laundry Stain Remover.” Okay, my kids love using pens and one day they left a pen in my sofa which had a seat cover on and the pen ink soaked right through I was so disappointed I thought the cover was gone and I couldn’t use it anymore.

Anyway I took it off and soak the cover with water then sprayed the PreSpot Laundry Stain Remover on it left it for about 15-20 mins then using my hand I rubbed the spot between my fingers and sure enough the PreSpot had dissolved all the pen ink. I just rinsed it out with water and that was it. The Mela Soft Fabric Softener is great all these products are environmentally safe especially if you have a child that suffers from Eczema like my son and daughter does. In addition, please do not purchase and use any form of medicinal products for yourself or your children without first consulting with your physician. Thank you.

I Don’t work for the company, and just so you know they are a Multi-level Marketing company that is located in the United States and they also offer the Nicole Miller line of Cosmetics that they recently purchased but they have representatives all over United States and Canada that you can purchase the products from and if you want you could choose to sign up and sell their products. Anyway I believe they are one of the best kept secrets in North America so check them out.

Melaleuca manufactures and distributes nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, facial care, home hygiene, and other wellness products of superior quality, and distributes them direct to the consumer through a full-service catalog and internet shopping system. This convenient system is changing the way hundreds of thousands of people shop today by eliminating middlemen and reducing marketing and distribution costs. This enables the company to spend more on research and high-quality, ecologically sensible ingredients while maintaining reasonable prices.