Fall is here

Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves

Can you really believe it? Fall is already here the leaves are falling everyone! I know this might sound crazy but I love to see the fallen leaves the, the leaves turning yellow, golden brown, and rosey red awesome feeling. Canada is a beautiful country to look at during the fall I am sure you agree with me on that. It speaks to you and I believe that it’s saying to me to take a look around and see what I have accomplished so far for the year. Yeah, don’t feel guilty if things didn’t turn out the way you expected or how everyone wanted things to be. Darn it! You are alive aren’t you?

I love this quote I keep repeating to myself all the time can’t remember where I heard it but it is not my quote but I would love to pass it on to you.
“You are neither where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.” Yes, that is absolutely true. You might not have achieved all that you intended to do but thank God you are no where close to where you used to be. Even if things are not rosey right now trust me when I say that God have you in the palm of his hands and he will take care of you. I love that leaves fall and mess up my backyard, I love the fact that I can use my rake and clean it up.

I have alot to be thankful for this year and as the leaves fall I give thanks to each one because I know that they are going to keep falling no matter what and life will continue to change and grow and that is what life is all about.